How To Organize Your Accessories in Your Closet

Stetson’s walk-in closet got a little freshening up recently…

and the end result is DREAMY!!


Before we begin this blog, we want to start out by saying Stetson’s closet is only a year old and she already needs a refresh!! What???  But here’s the thing… (and pardon us for screaming at you in all capital letters). EVERYONE SHOULD BE DOING THIS AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR!!!!! Okay, we’ve said it. Now we’ll get off our home-organizer-high-horse. (grin)

Stetson had two goals for this refresh:

1) To get rid of a lot of clothes in order to make room for all the new stuff she got recently.

2) To create an area for accessories in her closet because let’s face it… the top of the dresser just wasn’t doing it anymore.

She had a couple of shelves in her closet that weren’t being utilized to their fullest potential so why not use them use for displaying her jewelry, sunglasses and handbags? And if you’re wondering about how Stetson’s fiancé Brandon feels about her taking up the entire back wall? As long as she doesn’t creep into his side of the closet, he’s okay with it! (whew)

There’s nothing like a closet refresh to really get the good vibes going. There’s some sort of magic that happens when you sort through your closet. As you handle each and every item, you discover and identify all the things that no longer suit you. And through the process of letting go of those things, you begin to feel a sense of renewed energy.

Before you know it, you’re cranking up the tunes on your portable speaker and dancing around with excitement because you now see space in between your clothes on the rods! Stetson had similar reactions, only for her, it was literally shedding tears of joy. If you saw our story on Instagram, you know what we’re talking about.

We found some beautiful things to display Stetson’s jewelry, like this copper colored T-Bar stand.

And how cute is this glass lidded box with gold trim! It adds that extra special touch, don’t ya think?

But it’s the lights that really makes the closet feel like we’re walking into a boutique!

If you want to see the lights in action, check out our reel on Instagram here!

Tip for your hanging clothes: You’ve probably heard this time and time again but using all matching, slim-style hangers not only creates a cohesive look but it also nearly doubles your hanging space!

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T-Bar Jewelry Stand
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xo, Margaret & Stetson
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