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Simple Organizing With a Brand New Set of Dishes

Have you been looking for the perfect new dishes for your kitchen?

We may have what you’ve been searching for!



Stetson recently upgraded her dishes, something she’s been wanting to do since moving into her new home last February. But she didn’t want to get just any dishes. She was looking for a set that would have all the usual benefits of being dishwasher, oven and microwave safe but she was also searching for a set of dishes that would look great in just about every table setting.

What Stetson didn’t want was multiple sets of dishes.


Gone are the days of having one set of dishes for outdoor use, one for formal, and one for everyday. (We wonder where all that was stored?) There was a time when we took pride in setting the table with our best china at big family gatherings, carefully hand washing each piece before arranging them onto the vintage tablecloth, paring each place setting with the full set of “silverware” along with the crystal stemware. They were lovely table settings to say the least but because of the delicacy of the china, not to mention the value, the pieces were used only for very special occasions.  After the event was over, the china would be carefully hand washed again and stored away until the next holiday. Doesn’t sound very practical anymore though does it? Unless of course you have the space to store and the time to wash all this lovely china!

What she wanted was versatility with just one set.

And we’re excited to show you what we found!




These dishes are absolutely lovely and are perfect for all occasions. They will work for entertaining as well as for every day use. Plus, not only are they are scratch resistant but they have all the benefits of being dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe too.

We love the modern, yet rustic vibe of these dishes!


For Stetson’s kitchen, we chose the “Vanilla White” for plates and bowls, to keep with the neutral theme of her home. And to add a little pop of color, we chose “Vanilla & Grey” for the large pasta bowls.



And how about these organizers?

These are perfect for storing your dishes and maximizing space in your kitchen cabinet.


We’re all about maximizing space in EVERYTHING but honestly, we never thought about storing plates vertically until we found these gems. These bamboo vertical organizers hold up to eight plates and come in a set of two. To help keep the organizers from sliding around in the cabinet, we used a small amount of Museum Putty in the corners. A simple trick of ours!


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Both the dinner and salad plates come in a set of 6.
Mora Ceramic Plates Set, 7.8 in – Set of 6
Large Plates by MORA


Perfect for cereal, ice cream, pasta and more!
Large Bowls by MORA
Small Bowls by MORA
Mora Ceramic Large Pasta Bowls 30oz – Set of 4


A simple way to organize your dishes in your cupboard!
Comes in a set of two
HBlife 2pcs Bamboo Dish Drying Rack
Comes in a set of two and is perfect for organizing plates in your kitchen cabinet.
Comes in a Set of two
NEX Bamboo Kitchen Cabinet and Counter Shelf Organizer
These come in a set of two and they're stackable.


Mud Pie Salsa & Guac Bowl Set
Containers with Airtight Bamboo Lid
Marble Cheese Board
Mini Potted Fake Plants

Did you enjoy this? Let us know!

xo, Margaret & Stetson
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