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Everything Envy House 3D Tour With Amazon Beyond

It’s finally time to reveal a project we’ve been working on for over a year! You’ve seen us gradually transform our studio space, and today we finally reveal it – our partnership with Amazon Beyond for our Everything Envy House 3D Tour! This is a fully interactive tour where you can walk through the entire house room by room, select any product that catches your eye, and add it directly to your Amazon cart. Keep reading for a behind the scenes deep dive into a each of the 10 rooms in the Everything Envy House!

Our Amazon Beyond virtual home tour is now live! If you’re ready to explore it all, you can follow the link here to walk through the entire tour yourself! You can also shop everything in the house on our Amazon storefront right here.


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The tour is only available on mobile: scan this to see it!

The ENVY House Entryway

Functionality takes center stage as each piece in the house serves a purpose beyond mere aesthetics. The house exudes comfort with earthy neutrals and soft textures, while multifunctional furniture throughout the house maximizes space efficiency.

Shop the home entryway here

The ENVY Home Office

Shop the home office here

The ENVY Laundry Room

The laundry room features streamlined appliances and clever storage solutions, seamlessly marrying style with practicality.

Shop the laundry room here

The ENVY Kitchen

We focused on blending both style and functionality into the home. You can see in the kitchen, we’ve combined minimalist cookware and dishes with practical organizing solutions, creating an efficient yet visually stunning space. We carry this throughout the kitchen, seen in the pantry, spice cabinet, and dish cabinet.

Shop the Kitchen

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The ENVY Dining Room

Clean lines and uncluttered spaces create an atmosphere of serenity, making the home a sanctuary for both mind and soul.

Shop the dining room here

The ENVY Living Room

The fusion of boho chic and organic modern aesthetics is evident in the living room’s blend of natural colors and textures.

Shop the living room here

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The ENVY Hallway

The careful selection of this decor was driven by a desire to infuse the home with a sense of the present while maintaining a timeless allure.

Shop the hallway here

The ENVY Bedroom

The bedroom is set up as a minimal tranquil retreat and ties back to the rest of the home’s roots with its neutral tones and bold statements.

Shop the bedroom here

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The ENVY Recording Studio

Here’s our studio, where we record our podcast every week! We wanted this space to be comfortable yet practical, since we have a lot of candid conversations in here about our business.

Shop everything in our recording studio here

The ENVY Master Bath

Shop the master bath here

We had such a blast styling everything and turning the house into a place we truly love. If you’re interested in seeing how all these pieces flow in the space, definitely check out the virtual tour here! This virtual tour is an invitation to experience a home where the fusion of modernity, minimalism, and functionality creates a living masterpiece. As you navigate through the carefully curated spaces, we hope the blend of style and practicality inspires your own journey in crafting a home that is not just lived in, but truly cherished!


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