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How to Organize Small Spaces: 20 Life-Saving Products!

In today’s fast-paced world, the appeal of living in a small space is gaining popularity! A smaller living area means less to care for, reduced clutter, and a cozier atmosphere. However, making the most of limited space requires creative organization and thoughtful design. Here’s how to organize small spaces!

With our experience in home organization, we’ll walk you through an array of ingenious strategies to transform your compact living area into a functional and stylish haven. These tips will empower you to embrace the charm and efficiency of small-space living!

You might have seen our Yahoo feature about apartment must-haves, but here are even more tips and hacks for organizing small spaces!

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The first step to organizing anything is to declutter. Assess each item and ask yourself if it’s essential or brings you joy. If you haven’t used it in six months and it isn’t a holiday item, donate it! The less you bring into your new space, the more room you’ll have to breathe and organize efficiently.

Establish Zones for EVERYTHING

When you’re asking how to organize small spaces, one of the biggest game changers is to create zones for everything. Create designated zones for different activities and ensure each item has a designated home within these zones. A common example of this is a silverware organizer — all your forks have a home within the silverware drawer! Apply this approach to your whole house and watch it streamline your daily routine and prevent clutter accumulation.

This bamboo kitchen drawer organizer is a great way to implement tiny zones for utensils or food.

These clear dividers come in a huge pack of 25 and work throughout your entire house!

Unpack with Purpose

If you’re moving into a small space, resist the urge to rush through unpacking. Declutter again while unpacking, keeping the things you genuinely value and have space for.

Minimalism for Maximum Impact

Opt for quality over quantity when choosing decor and products. Larger, statement pieces are more visually appealing than numerous small ones. This approach ensures a clutter-free and sophisticated aesthetic.

A common issue in a crowded space is tangled cords. We saw this all the time when we organized houses professionally! Use cord ties, velcro straps, or cord organizers to keep cords neatly bundled and out of sight. This small step enhances visual appeal and simplifies cleaning.

We use this cable management box in our offices and bedside tables to keep things looking tidy!

how to organize a small house with no storage, how to organize a room with too much stuff

Multipurpose Products

Invest in multipurpose furniture and items to efficiently learn how to organize small spaces. For example, mixing bowls can double as serving bowls, and ottomans can offer both seating and storage. These versatile pieces maximize functionality without sacrificing style.

The Art of Folding

Learn efficient folding techniques to maximize space in drawers, closets, and cabinets. We love The Folding Book by Janelle Cohen! It offers unique insights into effective folding methods.

how to organize a small space with lots of stuff, small space organization hacks


We love labeling! Label bins, baskets, and containers to ensure that everything has its designated place. This promotes a sense of order and makes it easier to maintain organization. Use a portable label maker to make it clear where things go — this also makes sure any roommates or spouses know where to return things!

diy organization ideas for small spaces

How to Organize a Small Kitchen

Utilize drawer dividers and over-the-door storage to create organized spaces for utensils, food, and tools. These make it easy to see and access everything you need while maintaining order. Invest in compact kitchen items like a mini Keurig and find pots and pans that are easy to organize!

small space organization kitchen, small space organization ideas

How to Organize a Room With Too Much Stuff

Use bed risers to lift your bed and create valuable storage space underneath. Store seasonal items, shoes, accessories, books, and more, while keeping them easily accessible. There are a ton of products that help you organize a small closet or cramped bedroom.

how to organize a small space with lots of stuff, small space organization hacks

Bathroom Small Space Organization Hacks

how to organize a small house with no storage, how to organize a room with too much stuff

Regular Maintenance

Declutter every season to keep your space feeling fresh! This also prevents the accumulation of unnecessary items. This practice aligns your belongings with changing needs and preferences.

Commit to regular maintenance sessions to reassess organization systems, declutter, and make adjustments. Being proactive approach prevents clutter from resurfacing.

Organizing a small space requires a combination of smart strategies and a commitment to maintaining order, so don’t worry if it doesn’t come naturally! Keep at it and eventually, it’ll be easier. Embrace the possibilities of small-space living and let us know what other organization tips you want.

Happy organizing, friends!


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