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Here’s How to Organize Your Car for the Roadtrip of a Lifetime

Wondering how to organize your car for a roadtrip? Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a cross-country adventure, having an organized and clean car can make all the difference in your journey!! Here’s how to prepare your vehicle for a smoother, more enjoyable road trip experience. A lot of the items in this blog we actually use on a daily basis, just to keep things tidy and organized. Here are 20+ roadtrip essentials to stay organized on the go!



How to Organize Your Car

Start by removing any unnecessary items from your car. A clutter-free space will not only make packing easier but also give you more room for essentials. Amazon has a ton of great car organizers to help you maximize space and make the car more comfortable for everyone.

Invest in storage solutions like packing cubes, collapsible bins, and back seat organizers to compartmentalize your belongings and keep items off the floor. Categorize items like clothes, snacks, and electronics to keep everything organized and accessible.

Roadtrip Gadgets 

Here are some miscellaneous items we use to make driving easier, safer, or more enjoyable for all the passengers!

How to Keep Your Car Clean

Keeping your car clean on the road will help minimize the chaos and reduce mental stress. Use a trashcan for trash and empty it every time you stop for gas or for a stretch! We also like to use these breaks to do a quick 5-minute tidy. Keep a portable vacuum, cleaning putty, and microfiber cloths on hand in case of any bigger messes.

Car Essentials Kit

We like to keep a car essentials kit in our middle console where it’s easily accessible! This is for frequently needed items like chapstick or hair ties. Here’s everything we include:

Prep for Your Roadtrip With this Travel Checklist:



Safe travels, friends! Keep reading to inspire your next getaway: 25+ Amazon Travel Essentials.


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