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How to Easily Organize Your Christmas Decorations: Eight Tips!

How to Organize Your Christmas Decorations

We hope you had a fantastic holiday season! Before we know it, we’ll have to pack up our ornaments & say goodbye to our twinkle lights until next year. This is so sad but having an organized system and knowing how to organize your Christmas decorations makes it 100x easier!!

Whether you’re the person who’s already packing the tree up or the one that waits til mid-January, these holiday storage hacks are SO helpful. 

how to store christmas greenery, holiday storage hacks

1. Wrap your twinkle lights

Instead of leaving your twinkle lights in a jumbled, tangled mess, wrap them around something! This helps prevent the cords from breaking and getting into knots. This Christmas light storage box has designated dividers to wrap your light strands around, and plenty of room to fit several strands. It’ll be so much easier to decorate next year without having to untangle everything.

storage for holiday decorations

2. Label everything

What’s a fun organizing spree without labeling everything?? This way, you can tell what’s inside of your boxes. Even if you have clear bins and tubs, labeling makes it easier to find the stuff you want! We always recommend the Cricut Joy because you can use it for a million things, including labeling. If you want something a little more affordable, we’re obsessed with this wireless label maker!

holiday storage hacks

3. Learn how to store Christmas greenery

These wreath covers are made for your special holiday wreaths! They offer more protection and durability than a trash bag and help you contain all the little branches that might fall off. We also really like the handle on them — this makes it easy to carry or even hang on the wall!

storage for holiday decorations, diy christmas decoration storage

4. Organize your wrapping paper

We usually buy a ton of wrapping paper after the holidays are over cuz it’s always on sale! This wrapping paper organizer is amazing – it includes compartments for bags, ribbons, tags, and bows.

best christmas decoration storage, christmas decoration storage ideas

5. Use clear bins & totes that can stack

If you’re organizing your storage, you need sturdy bins that can stack! We use these large totes with handles that easily slide out. For smaller objects, we use these shoebox-size storage boxes. Both of these options are durable and come in several sizes so you can find exactly what you need!

how to store large outdoor christmas decorations, best way to store breakable ornaments

6. How to organize your Christmas decorations: packing up the tree!

Instead of keeping the old box it came in, protect your tree with a Christmas tree storage bag! It’s easy to fold your tree into it, the handles make it easy to carry, and it stores nicely with all your other stuff. You need this!!

where to store christmas decorations in apartment, how to store seasonal decorations

7. Here’s the best way to store breakable ornaments

Many ornaments are family heirlooms, special gifts, or handmade trinkets – so they deserve proper storage! We love this ornament organizer. To protect your ornaments even more, wrap them in bubble wrap or leftover tissue paper before storing them. If you have any glass ornaments, we definitely recommend buying some bubble wrap!

best way to store breakable ornaments

8. Use vacuum sealer bags

These vacuum sealer bags are amazing if you’re storing any sort of fabric! We use these for our Christmas table runners, blankets, stockings, tree skirts, or even winter clothes that we need to pack away for the summer.

how to store christmas decorations in garage, packing christmas decorations

If your New Years’ resolution is to clear clutter & organize your house, read How to Organize Your Accessories!


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