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19 Airplane Essentials to Totally Elevate Your Travel Experience

These 19 airplane essentials will totally elevate your travel experience!! Amazon has super unique travel gadgets we couldn’t fly without. Incorporating these innovative travel essentials into your packing routine will absolutely enhance your flying experience. From convenience to comfort and security, each item serves a unique purpose, ensuring you’re well-prepared for any adventure that comes your way!


19 Airport Essentials We Can’t Fly Without:

This is an absolute necessity if you have a long layover! Keep your hands free while navigating the airport with a handy drink holder attached to your carry-on suitcase. This clever accessory securely holds two beverages, ensuring you can easily transport it without spills or juggling multiple items.

A luggage scale helps you avoid excess baggage fees! Simply attach it to your suitcase and lift – you’ll instantly know if you’re within the weight limit. This one is easy to pack up so you can check the weight for your trip back too.

Tired of losing your AirPods during travel? Nothing is worse than dropping an earbud underneath the airplane seats! Strap holders keep your wireless earbuds securely around your neck providing convenient access and preventing them from getting misplaced.

Protect your suitcase from scratches and scuffs with a clear suitcase cover. This transparent cover also keeps your belongings dry and offers an additional layer of security!

A solid carry on suitcase is definitely worth the investment, and this one comes with a ton of perks! It includes a phone holder so you can easily watch shows while you wait at your gate. One side of it easily opens to quickly access your laptop! It also has a USB port, drink holder, TSA-approved lock, and a place to hang bags.

Invest in a quality neck pillow for those much-needed in-flight naps. This ultimate travel pillow is great for neck support and can be compressed for easy packing! It inflates with only 3-4 puffs of air and can be adjusted for whatever angle is most comfortable for you. This is especially comfortable for middle and aisle seats!!

A portable phone charger is indispensable for long flights and layovers. Ensure your devices stay charged throughout your journey, especially when outlets are scarce! We love how this charger doubles as a stand so you can easily keep watching stuff on your phone without the hassle of wires.

Simplify your packing with this toiletry travel dispenser! This four-in-one container is TSA approved and spill proof. It’s easy to store your shampoos, lotions, and more in one of these, and even easier to use them!

Love using your own wireless headphones, but want to take advantage of the free movies? The AirFly is a handy gadget that connects your wireless headphones to the airplane’s entertainment system via Bluetooth, providing a seamless audio experience.

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Secure multiple pieces of luggage together with luggage connector straps. This ensures your bags stay together during transit, making it easier to maneuver through airports or hotel lobbies. A must-have if you’re traveling with a big group, kids, or a lot of luggage!

For those who value grooming on the go, this travel razor is a must-have. Compact and portable, this razor provides a quick and efficient way to shave during your travels! Spin the little wheel to access a razor, a mini spray bottle, and a moisturizing lotion bar. It also allows you to switch out the razor!

Maximize comfort during long flights or layovers with a travel blanket/pillow combo. This versatile accessory is SO SOFT, keeps you warm, and doubles as a supportive pillow for a restful journey.

Protect your belongings with an Apple AirTag. This small device attaches discreetly to your luggage, allowing you to track its location via your smartphone – ideal for peace of mind when traveling. We love knowing exactly where our checked bag is at all times!

Remember, if you have any liquids in your carry on or personal item, they need to be in a small enough container!! Avoid airport liquid dilemmas with TSA approved bottles. These are perfect for carrying your favorite shampoos, conditioners, lotions, or creams without any hassle during security checks.

Keep your hands free and enjoy in-flight entertainment by using a phone holder! This accessory allows for comfortable viewing without craning your neck. It easily connects to the back of the seat in front of you.

If you’re checking any liquids in your bag, we recommend leaklocks to prevent leaks! These nifty silicone gadgets easily slide over your containers of any size so they don’t explode or spill in your checked bag during the flight.

This viral large travel backpack is a game-changer for air travel! It has multiple compartments, including a waterproof pouch, space for shoes, and a dedicated laptop sleeve. This allows you to keep your essentials organized and easily accessible during security checks, in-flight, and while on your trip.

Ever felt cramped during long flights? A footrest hammock is a brilliant solution. It attaches to the tray table in front of you, providing a comfortable elevated platform for your feet. Say goodbye to swollen ankles and discomfort!

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