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How to Organize Your Spice Cabinet: 10 Easy Steps!

Wondering how to organize your spice cabinet? Here are 10 simple steps to follow for a more organized kitchen!

When you’re starting to organize your spice cabinet, measure out your space and take inventory of how many spices you have. This will help you know how many spice jars you’ll need. Decanting spices, oils, and items into matching containers helps create a cohesive look! To save money and to make sure we have enough of everything, we like to over-order. We really like to get spices from Gneiss Spice in bulk and can’t recommend them enough!

spice storage ideas, spice storage hacks

Organizing your spice cabinet in a systematic manner has several benefits!

Benefits of an organized spice cabinet:

Improved efficiency

With organized items, you can reduce the time you spend searching for what you need, allowing you to get more done in less time!

Reduced stress

A cluttered or disorganized environment definitely contributes to stress, but when you use matching spice jars and labels, your space automatically feels so much better!

Better use of space

Organizing your spices helps you maximize the space in your kitchen, so you can make the most of the space you have.

Better home appearance

We’re all about aesthetics & the overall vibe of a house!! A well-organized kitchen not only helps your productivity and efficiency but also enhances the overall appearance of your home, making it feel much more homey.

how to organize your spice jars, organizing spices by category

10 Step Process on How to Organize Your Spice Cabinet

1. Take everything out.

2. Give your cabinet a good cleaning!!

3. Declutter: throw away old spices & expired items.

4. Sort everything into categories on a table to help you understand what products you’ll use.

5. Lay out the products in the cabinet in a way that makes sense to you. This helps you get an idea of what goes where. We recommend this Tiered Spice Rack Organizer to make it easier to see all your spices laid out!

spice storage ideas, spice storage hacks

6. Wash & dry your new containers.

7. Decant – put spices and oils into your new containers using a small funnel. We love these glass spice jars with shaker lids! For bigger spices, we bought this 6-pack of 32 oz containers. For oils and vinegars we love Moilmoli Oil and Vinegar Dispensers!

spice storage hacks, how to organize spices diy

8. Label, label, label!! We found these preprinted spice cabinet labels on Amazon and they’re perfect.

Protip: Spices come with expiration dates! We like to write the expiration date on a label and stick it to the bottom of our spice containers so we know when it needs to be tossed!

how to organize spices diy, how to organize spices in a drawer

9. Create a backstock bin! (We have these two bins at the very top of our cabinet, pictured below!) This can hold backstock spices or items you want to store in this cabinet but don’t need to get to them as often.

Sometimes we like to put bins inside of bins to organize items within a larger container. We used the IDesign organizers to store Taco Bell hot sauce inside of the mDesign Storage Bins!

how to organize spices in a drawer, spice storage ideas for small spaces, spice rack with jars

10. Last but not least…. Organize everything back into your cabinet!

how to organize your spice jars, organizing spices by category, how to organize spices in a small space

An organized spice rack is essential in creating a more efficient, productive, and visually appealing kitchen!

Still in the mood to keep organizing your kitchen? Us too!! Check out Simple Organizing With a Brand New Set of Dishes!

how to organize spices in a small space, spice storage ideas


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  1. I love how you organized spices and now I want to do mine. Your organization skills is amazing. What made you want to do this as a career? Were you this organized when you were a teenager and 20’s? I just love all of your ideas and I love looking at everything on Amazon. I always tell my husband if we ever win the lottery I want everything on your pages. 💖

    1. Awe.. Thank you Renee! We are so happy that you like our content and that you took the time to post something here about it!! Let us know if you win the lottery. We’d LOVE to help you shop for your home! xo

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